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Metric representations of data via the Kernel-based Sammon Mapping

TitleMetric representations of data via the Kernel-based Sammon Mapping
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMa M, Gonet R, Yu RZ, Anagnostopoulos GC
Conference NameNeural Networks (IJCNN), The 2010 International Joint Conference on
Date PublishedJuly
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Conference LocationBarcelona, Spain
Keywordsdata analysis, data visualisation, data visualization, distance-preserving projections, kernel-based Sammon mapping, metric multidimensional scaling technique, metric representations, Visualization

In this paper we present a novel generalization of Sammon's Mapping (SM), which is a popular, metric multi-dimensional scaling technique used in data analysis and visualization. The new approach, namely the Kernel-based Sammon Mapping (KSM), yields the classic SM and other much related techniques as special cases. Apart from being able to approximate distance-preserving projections, it can also learn to metrically represent arbitrarily-defined dissimilarities or similarities between samples. Moreover, it can handle equally well numeric, categorical or mixed-type data. It is able to accomplish all this by modeling its projections as linear combinations of appropriate kernel functions. We report experimental results, which showcase KSM's capabilities in visually representing several meaningful relationships between samples of selected datasets.


Acceptance rate 71.5% (621/868).


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